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Full liability coverage for both short and long-term disability

Unpredictability of life events can put you to rest for a long time. What’s even worse, you may lose your earning potential forever, which can have a negative impact on your family. Disability insurance is one-of-a-kind protection coverage that every single family should have. BrokerNation’s disability insurance brokers can help you stay prepared to do away with the odds of long-term incapacity.

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Freedom to choose your desired coverage
Typically, the coverage amount depends largely on the age of the person and income level. At BrokerNation, we take a drift from the standard approach by allowing our customers choose a desired coverage amount that they feel will be sufficient in case of a disability. In case, you are not able to decide, we will take into evaluation certain key points to recommend a figure for you.
Guided Assistance to examine and compare plans
When selecting disability insurance plan in Ontario, it's essential to compare the range and types of disabilities covered by different policies and opt for the most comprehensive option. BrokerNation’s insurance experts will help you in every step to get a seamless view and understand every single detail before you put your signature on a particular plan.
Dedicated to Customer Service
While choosing a disability insurance plan in Ontario is always tricky, our customer service team can help at every step. Whether you want to reconsider things before signing or have a specific query that needs answering, we are always there for you.

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