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A renters protection plan like no other

According to an industry survey, almost 95 percent of homeowners own a policy. In comparison, only 41 percent renters have insurance.

The primary reason why a considerable number of renters do not have insurance can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there are many who mistakenly assume they are protected under their landlord's policy. Secondly, people tend to undervalue their possessions, including gadgets and clothes. However, it's worth noting that the combined value of such items can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Enjoy cost savings in the long run

When you run the numbers, you will be suprised to find out that a tenant insurance policy will cost you far less than what you might end up paying for a mishap.

Quite like home insurance, tenant insurance policies aim to offer protection for renters and their possessions. Broker Nation's licensed insurance brokers pay attention to all the little things. We'll bundle maximum benefits into your plan such as family liability, medical protection, and other supplementary expenses to keep your worries at bay.

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Why choose us

Not just covering you, but also your belongings
Broker Nation’s tenant insurance policies offer full coverage for electronics, vehicles, clothes and more.
Theft and fire protection
Fire incidents and thefts can occur out of nowhere. Get in touch with our tenant insurance brokers for best recommendations matching your needs.
Individual and third-party medical coverage
Broker Nation's licensed tenant insurance brokers recognize the importance of medical coverage. Whether it's a personal or third party accident, you will get coverage for all medical expenses.
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